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Note: Some of the conferences listed here have already occurred. These references remain here so that the conference coodinators can be contacted in case there are questions regarding the same conference for the next year. More current information will be posted as it is available.

Agile + DevOps East 2019
Learn from industry experts how your organization can leverage agile and DevOps concepts to bring cross-functional stakeholders together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. Improve deployment frequency and time to market, reduce lead time, and more successfully deliver stable new features. The Agile + DevOps East program provides over 100 leading edge learning and networking opportunities that can provide the strongest business value to you and your organization.
- Inspiring Keynotes, in-depth half- and full-day tutorials, and concurrent sessions covering major agile and DevOps issues and solutions
- Pre-conference training and certification classes
- Full-day track events DevSecOps Summit and Agile Leadership Summit
- The Expo, bringing you the latest in software development solutions
- Networking events including Couch Sessions, the Agile + DevOps Genius Bar, the Product Lab and more
- Use code AEFES to receive up to $200 off
November 3-8, 2019, Orlando, Florida

Agile + DevOps West 2019
This event has passed.
Agile + DevOps West is a new iteration of the Agile Dev, Better Software, & DevOps conferences. The new conference series focuses on current industry challenges, pressures, and opportunities in efficiently delivering software faster, better, and cheaper. We've refined the program to deliver content that provides the strongest business value to you and your organization with leading edge learning and networking opportunities.
- Keynotes featuring recognized thought-leaders
- In-depth half- and full-day tutorials
- Concurrent sessions covering major issues and solutions
- Pre-conference training classes
- The Expo, bringing you the latest in software development solutions
- Networking events including Couch Sessions, the Agile + DevOps Genius Bar, and the Product Lab
June 2-7, 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada
Call 904-278-0524

Agile Testing Days USA
This event has passed.
North America's Greatest Agile Testing Festival
The Agile Testing Days USA conference will be a festival of learning and sharing for the community. The agile-focused learning experience will provide an interactive way to get deep insights and the latest developments in testing and agile excellence as well as many opportunities to network with fellow passionate agile software professionals.
June 23-27,2019, Chicago, Illinois
Call 904-278-0524

ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement 2019
This event has passed.
Leading Change
The World Conference on Quality and Improvement is ASQ’s flagship conference. Join a broad attendee base representing a wide array of industries and over 45 countries from around the world to gain knowledge, improvement methodologies, quality tools, best practices, and networking contacts. With over 2,500 attendees, the World Conference is the ideal forum to meet quality professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.
May 20-22, 2019, Fort Worth, Texas

ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference 2019
Sponsored by American Society for Quality (ASQ) Theme: LEAN AND SIX SIGMA IN THE DIGITAL AGE
Do you have technical proficiencies and leadership responsibilities within your organization? Are you actively involved in process improvement, organizational change, and development dynamics related to a successful lean and Six Sigma culture? This conference is for you.
March 4-5, 2019, Phoenix, Arizona

AST TiCCA 2019
This event has passed.
Testing in Context Conference Australia - Association for Software Testing
Theme: From Little Things, Big Things Grow
February 28 - March 1, 2019, Melbourne, Australia

Australian Test and Tech Automation Conference (ATTAC 18)
This event has passed.
ATTAC18 will present opportunities for learning more about automation, advancing in your career and networking with like minded people from the testing community. All the talks will focus on automation techniques, tools and trends presented by International and local speakers from well known companies.
May 11, 2018 Melbourne, Australia

CMMI Capability Counts 2019
This event has passed.
This event has passed.
Capability Counts 2019 will address some of the most impactful and compelling innovations, regulations, and transformations affecting the business world today.
April 30 - May 1, 2019, Weston, Virginia

Conference of the Association for Software Testing (CAST) 2019
Mining for Tests
Advance testing by mining other fields for new ideas. This year, we will talk about testing in all the different ways it can occur, in and out of software development.
The Association for Software Testing is a member supported 501(c)3 International Non Profit dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing.
Calls for proposals up through February 10th, 2019.
August 12-15, 2019, Cocoa Beach, Florida

DSTC 2019 - 3rd International Conference on Software Testing
This event has passed.
The Digital Mesh is connecting people, devices, content, and services together. It is digitally matured, AI-driven, Device Mesh using Analytics, IoTs and clouds. The Device Mesh is an expanding set of endpoints: mobile, wearable, consumer, home electronics, automotive and environmental devices, including sensors in the IoTs, that people & businesses will use to reach applications and information or interact with others. April 29, 2019, Nagarro, Gurgaon, India

EuroSTAR 2019
EuroSTAR (Software Testing Analysis and Review)
The EuroSTAR Conference is Europe's premier software testing conference. The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is a high-energy, fun and welcoming event held over 4 days, it features more than 60 sessions including tutorials, workshops and talks and also includes the largest software testing expo in Europe.
November 12-15, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic
Call +353-91-514470

Expo:QA '19
This event has passed.
International Conference on Software Quality and Testing
expo:QA is the international meeting point for software testing and quality assurance professionals in Spain and Europe.
June 17-19, 2019, Madrid, Spain
Call +34 93 219 7147

EXTENT Software Testing and Trading Technology Trends Conference 2019
Forum for sharing innovative trading technology ideas, expertise and education for specialists working in the global financial markets industry. Conference is hosted by London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)
September 17, 2019, London, England

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference
This event has passed.
Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference is an annual conference dedicated to building and enhancing the software industry in the region.
Join us at GLSEC 2019 and learn how artificial intelligence is being embraced and applied to change how industries think, learn, and grow.
May 20, 2019, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC)
Them: A Culture of Quality
The 2019 program will explore the theme of culture and how it affects the quality of your projects and organizations. Leaders of the software engineering profession gather to discuss the latest trends in software development, QA and testing. You’ll learn from those on the cutting edge – and have plenty of opportunities to socialize too, making new friends and contacts to build your professional and personal networks.
October 14-16, 2019, Portland, Oregon

QA and Test Embedded 2019
18th International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems
QA&TEST will allow you to improve your business network and build relationships with potential customers, from the vantage position of being recognized as an expert in QA & Testing for Embedded Systems.
October 29-31, 2019, Bilbao, Spain

QA and Test Safety and Security 2019
SQS, organiser of QA&TEST Conference, has the pleasure to launch the first edition of the conference QA&TEST Safety and Security, focused on how to approach, in an integrated way, safety and security aspects.
March 27-28, 2019, Madrid, Spain

QA Financial Forum
This is the only conference dedicated to quality assurance, testing and IT risk management for financial software.
The agenda features speakers from leading banks, insurance companies and asset managers as well as exchanges and payments platforms.
January 23, 2019, Milan, Italy
February 27, 2019, London, England
April 2, 2019, Chicago, Illinois
The above events have passed.
November 13, New York, New York
November 14, New York, New York (QA E-Commerce Forum)

QUEST-Quality Engineered Software and Testing Conference 2019
This event has passed.
QAI's Quality Engineered Software & Testing Conference (QUEST)
QUEST 2019 Conference is a source for new technologies and proven methods for Quality Engineered Software and Testing. Thought leaders, evangelists, innovative practitioners, and IT professionals from across North America gather together for a week packed with classes, tutorials, educational sessions, hand-on workshops, discussions groups, EXPO, and networking events.
May 13-17, 2019, Chicago, Illinois
Call 866-724-6013 ext. 129

Quality Reliability Security (QRS) 2019
The 18th IEEE International conference on software quality, reliability, and security.
This conference provides engineers and scientists from both industry and academia a platform to present their ongoing work, relate their research outcomes and experiences, and discuss the best and most efficient techniques for the development of reliable, secure, and trustworthy systems. The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Reliability Society.
July 22-26, 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

Software Test Professionals Conference - STPCON Spring 2019

This event has passed.
The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management, and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, AI, machine learning, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management.
April 1-4, 2019, Burlingame, California

STARCANADASoftware Testing Conference 2019
STARCANADA is part of the STAR family of conferences-one of the longest-running and most respected conference series dedicated to software testing and quality assurance. The event week features more than 50 learning and networking opportunities and covers a wide variety of some of the most challenging areas of software development-including agile testing, mobile testing, DevOps, continuous integration, cloud testing, performance testing, and more. Here is a peek at the upcoming conference program:
- 5 Keynotes featuring world-known, thought-leaders
- 14 Hands-on, and in-depth half- and full-day tutorials
- 28 Concurrent sessions covering major testing issues and solutions
- 6 Pre-conference training certification classes
- The Expo, bringing you the latest in testing tools and solutions
- Couch sessions, lunches, and one-on-one time with the STARCANADA presenters
- Networking receptions, breakfasts, breaks, and lunches all included!
October 20-25, 2019 Toronto, Canada
Call 1-904-278-0524

STAREAST Software Testing Conference 2019
This event has passed.
The STAREAST conference features a week packed with knowledge from some of the best in testing. Whether you have recently been asked to undertake testing as a part of your role or if you have years of experience, STAREAST will keep you on top of the latest and greatest knowledge to help you excel in your job role-and perhaps even save your sanity. Conference highlights include
- Keynotes featuring recognized thought-leaders
- In-depth half- and full-day tutorials
- Concurrent sessions covering major testing issues and solutions
- Pre-conference training & certification classes
- The Expo with the latest in testing solutions
- Networking events including speaker one-on-ones, the Test Lab, and more.
April 28 - May 3, 2019, Orlando, Florida
Call 904-278-0524

STAREAST Virtual Free Software Testing Conference 2019
This event has passed.
Did you know you can watch STAREAST keynotes for free, from anywhere?
Can't attend STAREAST, the premier software testing conference, covering a variety of hot testing topics this year in Orlando, FL? STAREAST Virtual has you covered. Attend the virtual conference from the comfort of your home or office. Watch the event happen live including:
-Keynote presentations such as Creative Trespassing: Sneak More Imagination into Your Work and Get More Done, Cutting through the Hype around Continuous Testing, The AI Singularity, Beyond Coding: Test Automation as Art, and more.
-Live interviews of key industry experts speaking at the conference
-And more!
May 1-2, 2019

STARWEST Software Testing Conference 2019
STARWEST features a week packed with knowledge from some of the best minds in testing. Whether you have recently been asked to undertake testing as a part of your role or if you have years of experience, STARWEST will help you excel in testing-and perhaps even save your sanity. Conference highlights include:
- Keynotes featuring testing thought-leaders
- In-depth half- and full-day tutorials
- Concurrent sessions covering major testing issues and solutions
- Pre-conference training & certification classes
- The Expo with the latest in testing solutions
- Networking events including Genius Testing Bar, the Test Lab, Morning Runs and more!
September 29 - October 4, 2019, Anaheim, California
Call 1-904-278-0524

Software Testing Conference India - 18th Annual
This event has passed.
Quality by Design: Convergence of Testing, Lean, Intelligence and Automation
Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC) has been a highly popular offering that brings together practitioners and thought leaders from the software industry, academia and government for sharing and exchange of experiences, ideas and learning. In today’s knowledge age, the ability to transform information into innovative insights in response to market movements is core to value creation & growth.
December 6-7, 2018, Bangalore, India

16th International Conference on Software Testing
Intelligent Digital Mesh – QA & Testing
This is very vast for QA & Testing as validation & verification will be applicable in each step: as a standalone perspective like Cloud Testing, IoT Testing, Device Testing, Data Analytics Testing, Big Data Testing and certainly Digital Assurance as a whole, as an integrated testing perspective as and when it will be added to the Mesh.
India is also moving towards becoming a Digital India.
August 22-23, 2019, Bengaluru, India

TConf 2019
We created TConf to bring industry leaders and community together, to share the challenges and solutions to complex quality problems in the industry. We have a strong desire to advance the Quality function. We believe in the importance of these fundamentals, a good software tester is also a good engineer, communicator, pragmatic thinker and above all problem solver.
November 29, 2019, Melbourne Australia

TechWell Hub—Chat with Andrea Goule - May 16, 2019
This event has passed.
The next TechWell Hub Slack Takeover will feature, Andrea Goulet! This is a new opportunity to ask software experts anything in the Hub's Slack workspace. Andrea is the CEO of Corgibytes, a software development shop dedicated to maintaining and modernizing software applications and has been named by LinkedIn as one of the Top 10 Professionals in Software Under 35. She's the founder of LegacyCode, and hosts a podcast dedicated to changing the way we think about legacy code. She will be ready to chat with TechWell Hub members all day Thursday, May 16, in the #agile channel. Just tag questions and comments with @AndreaGoulet
All Day, May 16th, Starting at 9am EDT
Location: In the #agile channel in the TechWell Hub

Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2019
Trends, Innovations and Challenges
Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2019 is a single day, single track event where Quality Assurance Leadership, Management, and Strategy converge. The Summit showcases the trends, innovations, and challenges in the emerging world of Software and Automation Testing. The Digital transformation requirements and its focus on Quality Assurance amend the best practices of the Culture, Business Strategy and Technology.
February 28th, 2019, Johannesburg, South Africa

Software Quality and Testing Workshops: - These events have passed.
  • Software Testing in Financial Services Workshop #9 STiFS)
    iFS is a 2-day facilitated meeting of experienced software testers and other QA professionals who work in financial services firms. It is a neutral forum (not biased toward any testing methodology or supporting vendor) to share, debate, and develop ideas on how to improve the testing of financial software.
    May 19-20, 2013
  • Workshop on Performance and Reliability (WOPR24)
    WOPR24 for 2015 is not yet planned.
    Here's information on WOPR 23 from 2014. Theme: Early Performance Testing. WOPR is a peer workshop for practitioners to share experiences in system performance and reliability, allow people interested in these topics to network with their peers, and to help build a community of professionals with common interests.
    May 21-23, 2014, Malmo, Sweden
  • Workshop on Teaching Software Testing (WTST 13 2014)
    This event has passed.
    Theme: Teaching Advanced Courses in Software Testing. The Workshop on Teaching Software Testing is concerned with the practical aspects of teaching university-caliber software testing courses to academic or commercial students.
    January 24-26, 2014, Melbourne, Florida
  • Toronto Workshop on Software Testing (TWIST 9 2013)
    This event has passed.
    TWST is an annual peer conference for software test practitioners held in central Toronto over a weekend, usually in June or July. Each year we meet to present on, and discuss, a single topic central to the practice of our craft.
    TWST 9 (2013) – Being Context-Driven when Your Organization Isn't.

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