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Rather than attempt to list the many articles about quality and testing that have been written, visit these sites for larger repository of articles.

For Craig - Click here

Very large repository of articles on software testing with comprehensive search.

12 Best Beta Test Management Software For 2021 by CXLEAD
Article that presents 12 tools that are useful for software beta testing. It includes graphics and pros and cons of each and the criteria used for analysis.
Provided by CXLEAD

Articles provided by LogiGear, Inc.
Many articles provided here about test automation and other quality assurance QA subjects written by well recognized leaders in the field of quality assurance.
Also provided by Logigear are articles that are part of their monthly Newsletter. Here's a link to their newsletter archive.

Pragmatic Software Newsletters
This site contains many excellent white papers and newsletters with articles on many different quality assurance related subjects.

Easy QA - Articles
Software testing articles provided by Easy QA.

QA Quick Kit
Software testing articles containing tips and "hacks" especially useful for startups and small companies.

Software Testing Fundamentals
A Software Testing Primer
A forty page primer on Software Testing, distributed free under Creative Commons. It covers white vs black box; unit, integration and system testing; automated testing; planning, preparation and metrics.

Test Automation
Best Automation Testing Tools for 2019 (Top 10 reviews)
Article on some of the more popular testing tools on

Trending Top 10 Automated Testing Tools
Article from DZone on October, 2016 listing the the most trending software testing automation tools at this time.

New Trending Topics on Software Testing by Ray Parker Brett Pettichord's testing web page
If you're interested in several automated testing articles, some excellent ones are listed on Brett's site.

White paper articles provided by Aspire Systems
A list of white papers provided by Aspire Systems which include some specific to testing and test automation.

Kerry has written the article "Are you Ready for the Test Automation Game" for STQE (renamed) Better Software Magazine, Nov./Dec., 2002. This article describes key considerations that are fundamental for increasing your success with test automation.

Here is another article written a few years ago on test automation. It's still fundamentally sound. You may view it on the web or if you have the Adobe Acrobat reader installed you may download the document in .PDF format.
Adobe Acrobat PDF format

STATE Software Tool for Automated Test Environment by Hughes Software Systems. This whitepaper talks about STATE, which is a testing framework that can be used for testing any protocol / stack implementation.

Adopting Automated Testing - Challenges & Solution by Hughes Software Systems
GUI Testing Tools Evaluation and Best Practice Report

Defect Tracking
Bug Tracking Guidelines
Simple guidelines for issue/bug tracking.

Three Components of Effective Defect Management Systems AdminiTrack
Article of interest to your readership covering 3 components of an effective defect management system. Describes ways to use defects to your advantage. Discusses an often missed aspect of defect management.

Articles from ReQtest

These articles are provided by

Advanced Injection Techniques
Malicious Code Injection: It's Not Just for SQL Anymore

Application Error Handling
Application Error Handling: How to Avoid Death by a Thousand Cuts

Application Security
Web Application Security: Don't Bolt It On; Build It In

Asking the Right Question
Asking the Right Question: Penetration Testing vs. Vulnerability Analysis Tools, Which Is Best?

Beyond Stored Procedures
Beyond Stored Procedures: Defense-in-Depth Against SQL Injection

Focus on What's Important in WAS
Interpreting the Results of a Vulnerability Assessment: How to Focus on What's Important in Your Web Application Security Testing

Hybrid Application Security Analysis
The Power of Hybrid Application Security Analysis: Increasing the Reliability of Security Testing Results

Preventing a Brute Force or Dictionary Attack
Preventing a Brute Force or Dictionary Attack: How to Keep the Brutes Away from Your Loot

QA and Security Testing
Incorporating Web Application Security Testing Into Your Quality Assurance Process

PCI Compliance and Web Application Security
PCI Compliance and Web Application Security: What You Need to Know for the Upcoming Policy Changes

Security Testing - Ajax Progamming
Testing for Security in the Age of Ajax Programming

Software Security - Getting Developers on Board
An article addressing how developers can do a better job building in software security. The article includes many references related to software security.

Top 10 Configuration Security Vulnerabilities Part One
This article lists five of the "worst offenders" of misconfigurations of application security that are universally problematic for all ASP.NET Web-based applications.

Top 10 Configuration Security Vulnerabilities Part Two
This part will focus on authentication and authorization application security issues, and detail another five vulnerabilities commonly found in ASP.NET Web-based applications using Forms authentication.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Essentials (Article 1)
Your first step to identifying security vulnerabilities in web applications.

Effective Web Application Vulnerability Remediation Strategies (Article 2)
This article addresses how to remediate security vulnerabiliites once they've been identitied.

Effective Controls for Attaining Continuous Application Security Throughout the Web Application Development Life Cycle (Article 3)
This article reviews how to build in security and maintain high levels of security with web applications over the life of the procuct.

Cloud Testing
Trends Challenges of Cloud Testing.doc

JAVA Testing
Java Magazine 01, 2008
Java performance tools, part 2. Covers profiling, diagnosis and monitoring.

Testing Careers
Information Week Article on Test Careers

Article on unit testing with Microsoft .NET framework by Dmitriy Lapshin

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